Troy Multi-Grip Olympic Bar

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Experience the difference incorporating our β€œNEW” VTX Multi-Grip Bar can make to your free-weight workouts! Two pair of oblique (angled) and one pair of straight neutral grip 28MM handles combine to reduce stress on wrists and shoulders during close, medium or wider grip pressing movements. Demonstrating tremendous versatility, the bar can also be used for overhead presses, bent over rows, hammer curls, stiff leg deadlifts and much more. It is long enough (83") to be compatible with most power racks and can even be racked at the top for chin-ups, or the bottom for push-ups. Solid and fully welded, it features knurled handle grips, uniquely centered spacers for hand placement and a quality bright zinc finish that will not scratch or flake.

Length: 82"
Width: 2"
Height: 11.25"
Inside shaft Length: 51.75"
Inside collar width: 1"
Loadable Sleeve length: 14.75"
Handle Grip Diameter: 28MM
Rackable Space: 5.75" between collar & frame
Make: International
Weight Capacity: 700LBS
First set of angled handles: 8" apart
Second set angled handles: 16" apart
Outside straight handles: 22" apart
Knurling: Medium
Sleeves attached: Welded
Weight: 47LBS

Bright Zinc

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