About Us


In 1936, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the President of the United States, the book “Gone With The Wind” was published and a man named Art Becker from Northern Kentucky started a company called Fitness Equipment Company. He sold a product called “The Exercycle” door to door for years. Once the business built up enough customers, he opened a store in Norwood, Ohio. He added more product like treadmills, bikes, and gyms to sell to commercial facilities to help the company grow. Year by year it got bigger and bigger. Art’s two son’s Mark and Jerry entered the business in the late 1970’s to help the company grow even more. They renamed the company Exercise and Leisure Equipment Company and opened a mega store located in Columbia Township in Ohio to showcase fitness in a grand fashion. In the 1980’s fitness and health started to become a main concern to people due to illnesses related to lack of exercise. Jerry’s two sons went to college and began to work in the family business in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s. In 1994 Exercise and Leisure Equipment Company expanded back to where it had started, Northern Kentucky. Our Ft. Mitchell location showcases the highest quality residential fitness equipment brands on the market. Fitness equipment categories like treadmills, elliptical machines, bikes, climbers, rowers, free weight benches, home gyms, etc. are on display for customers to try out and ask questions. Exercise and Leisure Equipment Company has been the tri-state’s resource for home and commercial fitness equipment for many years. Come in and see 69+ years of experience in our company details. Here are just a few of them.

storeoh#1 Our “FITNESS TEAM” is educational about helping you make the correct purchase, not selling you on a piece of equipment. Meaning we will give you the information to help you make a decision based on product facts and exercise regimens. You make the decision to buy yourself, not “pushed” by a sales person.

#2 “In-Home” installation and delivery are offered on our products. Ask about details when in our store. These are employees who work for us, not subcontractors. They come to your home, in our company trucks and company uniforms.

#3 Service is second to none! Every person who purchases a product from Exercise and Leisure will have access to our service department when it is needed. Again, no subcontractors here! They come to your home in company service vans and company uniforms. Most service calls are responded to within 72 hours.